A lesson

My name is Tomasz and I was born in Central Poland. After living, studying and working in Warsaw - the capital - in which I fell completely in love with for nine years I decided to move abroad to broaden my personal and proffessional experience.
I don't think there's anything unusual about my story. New city - I didn't know anybody here. After a year I have a group of friends. I miss my old friends, but am happy that I met people with roots all around the world and that I can learn about Kenya, Philipines or Romania from people who were born there - an experience that I couldn't have in Poland (or at least it would be much less likely). I miss my family, but I'm happy I can talk and see them on everyday basis using social media and communication apps. When I fly to Poland I feel strong emotions towards 'my' Warsaw, but I have had a chance to visit 20 cities in the UK.
All of my new experiences, new friendships, new emotions and places brought me something that I've always valued the most - being able to imagine other people's lifes. Docks in Liverpool let me imagine how people lived 100 years ago. A play in Birmingham's REP gave me a chance to imagine life of immigrants from Africa on the own way to Europe in an epic and metaphorical story. Story heard from me Philipino friend has taught me how visible is the issue of dieing coral reefs. This is what the experience of moving to UK is to me. A lesson.

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Created: 20 Jun 2019, 8:14 p.m.