London, Airport, Budapest, move, goodbye, new life, fate, life balance, coincidence, fulltimegay
Upadek komunizmu w pociągu
communism; 1989; lessons
We just wanted human dignity
communism; human rights; economy
empty shelves
communism; youth; human rights; economy
Born in 1988
migration; improved life; positive stories
Притворись, что СССР не распался
ILR, immigration control, benefits, double drop, shadow cabinet, two required signatures, multiple passports, affirmative action, non-domicile, integration, assimilation, belonging, home
Zmiany są zawsze wskazane aby na lepsze.
motherhood, children, future, fulfilment
Life is an experience
migration; improved life; positive stories; WWII
More choices
migration; improved life; positive stories
Feeling at home
migration; improved life; positive stories
Positive Benefits
migration; improved life; positive stories
"Where are you from?"
migration, belonging, home
Two identities which complement each other
migration; belonging; positive stories
No change
migration; positive stories
Hard in the beginning
migration; improved life; positive stories
Killing Ambition
migration; improved life; capitalism
Suicidal Dog and Laika
communism; democracy; politics; immigration
Never going back
migration; improved life; positive stories
Working and happy
migration; improved life; positive stories
Getting used to the new circumstances
migration; difficulties
Christmas without a tree
migration; differences; positive stories
A kultúra sokszínű és toleráns
migration; diversity; positive stories
A West German in the East
Germany, Poland, Czecheslovakia, Berlin Wall
Lietuva, tai tėvų ir protėvių žemė, kurią reikėjo laikinai palikti išvykus gyventi į Angliją.
Being a child in Communist Bulgaria
childhood, communism, carefree years, happiness
Queue for coffee
Coffee, ration card, foodstuffs, queue
Language challenges
migration; language; home
Wielka Brytania to piękny kraj
migration; diversity; positive stories
Niestety uważam, że w UK nigdy nie poczuję się jak w domu
migration, diversity, home
Mój pobyt w UK zaliczam do udanych
migration; improved life; positive stories
Back to 1989 (in a way)
Communism, Freedom, the EU
Move under the radioactive cloud
Chernobyl, move, communism
A lesson
migration; diversity; positive stories
Moje życie zmieniło się w 100%
migration; differences; positive stories; belonging
Life in the UK
East Germany; Migration; Identity; Entanglement; Privilege
Once a refugee, always a refugee?
Refugees, displacement, childhood, Greece, Poland, UK, childhood, work,
From Poland to UK
Poland, United Kingdom, emigration, identity, research, future opportunities, Brexit
Opportunities for Artists
migration; art; positive stories
memories of parents
communism, life, money, migration
Remembering Yugoslavia in Britain
Yugoslavia, family, Brexit, borders
How life has changed since moving to the UK
migration, belonging, home
In Birmingham I learned to hate capitalism and to love cultural diversity. I meet the friendliest, kindest people but I was also struck by the great cultural differences.
Birmingham, cultural differences, Anglo-Saxon world, Eastern Europeans,
Living through the system change
system change, poverty
Shoes too small
Poland, communism, Russia, regime, hunger,
Jew in Czech
which wave of migration
My mother and her habbits
money, economy, home life, children, communism
Crossing borders in 1989
border control, Hungary, UK, travel, Romania, Ceaușescu
free elections!
freedom, elections, democracy