Life is an experience

I don't remember the old Polish system as I have left Poland when I was 19. I have lived for 6 year in Italy before I finally moved to UK. Since the beginning it was an adventure, United Kingdom offered me a lot of opportunities both work wise and studies. Since year one I have been studying and currently after 13 years still continue my post - good education. I met a lot of valuable people and friends. Despite the fact I live in UK, I am proud of my Polish origin. I grew up in the family where I have been introduced to values, faith and respect for others. Whatever I have learnt from my parents I will continue to pass on to future generation. Poland went threw hard time during II World War, suffer a lot. However was able to help the UK by fighting Germans. It is vital to mention Squadron 303 who fought 126 German Messerschmitt and contributed to UK's freedom over the Nazist attacks/occupation. Polish people are skilled as these Polish pilots, we grew up and learn to be strong and never give up. Life is an experience and home where you make it and values are important for our identity.
Anne H., Senior Nurse at one of London's hospitals.

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Created: 12 Jul 2019, 12:44 p.m.