A Land Full of Heroes

A Land Full Of Heroes follows the life of Romanian writer Carmen-Francesca Banciu. Having grown up within the rigid ideologies of the Romanian communist regime, she remembers her life-changing trip to Berlin in 1990, a year after the fall of the wall and immediately following the Romanian revolution in Bucharest; was Berlin the mirage of a new European vision? Halfway between journalistic research and theatrical re-imagining, La Conquesta del Pol Sud recreates in 2019 her compelling Bucharest-Berlin trip made in 1990. The play was produced in collaboration with Testimony in Practice and premiered at Birmingham European (BE) Festival on the 6 July 2019.

Following the Birmingham performance it will perform in other European locations. Other partners on the project are Théâtre La Cité (Marseille), Forum Jacques Prévert (Carros), Théâtre des Doms (Avignon) and Théâtre Jean Vilar (Vitry sur Seine).

The video below showcases the innovative method used in A Land Full of Heroes and the collaboration across sectors.

The map below shows the road trip that La Conquesta took to retrace Carmen-Francesca’s journey in 1990 and document Europe’s recent – and not so recent - history. Click on the pins to see images taken on the trip.

The Journey