24th February 2017 Friday
We have competed everything. I left the keys in the letterbox for the flat I sold. The taxi is here, gosh the trunk may not be big enough for eight suitcases. I was upset because, when I booked the taxi, I left a comment about this situation. Our whole life is packed in that luggage. We just had one-way tickets. I was thrilled. The chauffeur was funny but not in a good way, grumpy old man with silly old fashion jokes.
The BUD airport was crowded. We did not spend much time at the counter, despite the ground crew being surprised at the quantity of our suitcases. We were standing in the queue, suddenly I saw a guy with a familiar face. OH MY GOD this was my EX-boyfriend and his husband. They were in the queue also behind us. I was shocked. I haven’t seen him for ages and the last time I saw him, he was upset about nothing and shouted at me. I used to love him despite the humiliation about everything particularly the English language. And now we are in the same queue at the Airport and how bizarre, me and my LOVE move to London. We will use the English language for the next period of our life and the EX is just standing there and has not got any foggy idea about it. The balance of life has swung back again.
I was triumphant and felt full of energy. Such a symbolic situation we had. This was my true goodbye from Hungary, from my bad and good memories and from my loves as well.
And the aircraft took to the air.

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