Feeling at home

I came in 2006 to London to visit my sister and to help her to look after her daughter. I went to the college as my English was very poor, after a few months I started college and done my ESOL classes. After 6 mths I met my partner and we started living together (he was Polish too). 2 years later I become pregnant and we had our daughter born in London. I was working as a self-employed from the beginning: I have started with cleaning services and then I worked as a nanny for English and French families. Thanks this experience I have improved my English level, I've met people from different cultures and I started feeling at London like at home. 7 years ago I become single mum, but thanks great support from friends and local organisations I've managed to live with my daughter independently. While living in London I become more open-minded, motivated, creative and I believe that I can do great things in life. I am happy to live here, but I miss my country too.

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Created: 11 Jul 2019, 4:18 p.m.