Back to 1989 (in a way)

The life under communism... it was like window shopping when I saw pictures and postcards from the West. It was sans freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and freedom of movement. The passports were taken from people. It was like a prison. It was behind the Iron curtain. 1st May 2004 and I’m standing with my children ages 4 and 12 on the bridge in Slubice/Frankfurt an Dee Oder at midnight, listen to the Ode of Joy, and cross this border without showing the passport for the first time. That I will never forget. 2006 relocation to the UK. Reason: squash of my eldest. First half a year mostly tears and homesickness, but later we discovered a land of opportunities. The eldest graduates with w BEng degree the youngest is smashing it in squash. 2016 - shock and disbelief. We became those “fucking Polish immigrants” in a blink of an eye. The far right party rules in Poland. Where do we go? The eldest moves back to Poland claiming that Brexit won’t bring anything good (history was his hobby, so he did some thinking). We stayed. The youngest becomes the U19 European Squash Champion and gets the full athlete scholarship at Drexel University, USA. We, the elders, are torn now. Should we stay or should we go back to Poland? Poland will prevail at the end, because the UK is not the garden of Eden unlike some may think. Oh, and I published the book. I will keep fond memories of my British period of life.

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Created: 26 Jun 2019, 9:10 p.m.

Nationality: Polish