"Where are you from?"

I came here straight after high school to study at uni in Scotland. First years were tough - due to weather and lifestyle decline as "poor student". Scottish people were always friendly, but the first question was always "Where are you from?" Somehow my country of origin was supposed to define me. After graduation I slowly worked my way up. I always wonder if finally landing in London is a blessing or a curse. So much gained, but also big sacrifice of quality. I appreciate London for broadening my horizons and giving more options - but it's funny feeling I would never say "I live in England" - I think of pro-EU places (Scotland, London) as home - small town England could not be my place. At the same time I wonder who I would have become if I returned to Poland: maybe poor office worker, maybe MD of successful company.

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Created: 11 Jul 2019, 4:12 p.m.